Take a break from your busy business schedules or need a boost before heading back to your school works or simply just enjoying a leisurely family outing; do drop by here to enjoy a great bowl of your favourite dessert.In Ah Chew Desserts, we remain committed to serve fresh and tasty desserts. And we stay open every day to serve to all our customers’ needs. So come visit us soon.

  ‘When you think of great desserts, think Ah Chew’

In Sept 2003

Ah Chew Desserts began its humble operation in a half-shop space at #01-11 Liang Seah Street. During our initial year, we adjusted and refined our recipes to better suit our valued customers’ taste buds. In addition, we created more interesting traditional and modern desserts to add onto our menu selections. Many customers who had tasted our desserts, left with satisfied expressions and gave good remarks. Some of them even posted good reviews on their blogs too. Many returned for more.

阿秋甜品剛開業時雖僅有半間店面,經由不斷调整和改进了我们的食谱,以更好地吸引饕客的味蕾。 此外,我們也研發出传统现代甜点,添加至我们的菜单选择中。 许多品尝過我们甜点的饕客露出了满足的神情,并给予很高的评价,使更多饕客選擇再次回到這里品嘗传统现代甜点。

In 2004

Ah Chew Desserts began to occupy the whole shop space; expanded our kitchen and added more tables and seats. Many thanks to all our wonderful customers, business grew and our shop was again full-housed packed between 7.30pm to 11.30pm, especially on weekends.


In 2008

Ah Chew Desserts took another leap forward, by leasing its adjacent unit so to allow more placements of tables and seats for our customers. Our founder, Ah Chew, who was since young very fascinated by old Chinese arts and crafts and its heritage, wanted the second unit’s décor to showcase nostalgic Chinese heritage. All the entire wooden furniture, carved doors, lanterns were all sourced by him from China and shipped to Singapore. All the Chinese handicrafts on display were from his personal collections.

阿秋甜品又一次向前迈出了一大步,開設新分店,以便为饕客提供更多的用餐座位。 我们的创始人阿秋,自从年轻时就非常着迷于中国古代的手工艺和传统,想要在第二家分店的裝潢展现怀旧的中国传统風味。 所選的木制家具,雕花门,灯笼都是从中国采购,运到新加坡。 裝潢中的所有中国手工艺品都来自他的个人珍藏。

In 2014

Due to overwhelming crowd at Liang Seah, Ah Chew Desserts started planning for a second outlet.

Eventually, Ah Chew Desserts@Novena – 181 Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre was opened in April 2014. The location was nicely sited close to Novena Square, United Square and Revenue House. It is outside CBD and close-by to Orchard Road too. There are ample carpark lots (Goldhill Plaza Carpark) and is a short 2-min walk from Novena MRT via its under-pass access.

The décor of the new outlet is almost a replica of the main shop. Likewise, the furniture, lanterns, and kitchen wares were again sourced from China.

Ah Chew Desserts@Novena opens everyday to provide high quality desserts and services to all our customers and is gradually gaining new fans, especially residents from Novena/Bukit Timah/Toa Payoh areas.

二零一四年主要商店人潮拥挤,于是Ah Chew Desserts在金山中心Thomson路181号开设首间分店。 新店位于中央商务区外,并拥有充足的停车场(地面加6层多停车场)。 它也方便地位于诺维娜地铁对面,通过行人下行(B1)连接。 Novena的新店装潢几乎与总行一样,所有的家具和灯笼皆来自中国。
Novena Ah Chew Desserts为饕客们提供高品质的甜品和服务,展获更多的饕客群前来光顾,特别是来自Novena / Bukit Timah / Toa Payoh地区的居民。


Ah Chew Desserts serve more than 50 mouth-watering, traditional and modern desserts (hot and cold). We invite you to come down to our shop to select your pick. Our all-time favourites are; (COLD selections) Mango Sago with Pamelo, Mango Sago, Durian Sago, Steam Egg/Milk, Glutinous Rice with Ice-Cream, Aloe Vera Strawberry in honey water and lime, Yam Sago, Watermelon Sago, Honeydew Sago, Grass Jelly Mixed Fruits, (HOT selections) Almond paste, Black Sesame Paste, Steam Egg/Milk, Tang Yuan, Hashima with Papaya Milk, Peanut paste, Ginko Barley, Glutinous Rice, Red Bean Paste, White Fungus with papaya, etc. We are sure we have the right desserts tastes that you are always graving for, in Ah Chew Desserts.

至今,阿秋甜品菜單中擁有超过50种令人垂涎的传统和现代甜点(冷热)。 我们誠摯邀请您到我们的商店选择,品尝的是正宗的傳統甜品。


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